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How to enrol

Eco Learning Program and Eco Picture Diary Terms & Conditions

1.   Schools
1.1 Criteria for school participation:
  1. All government schools under Ministry of Education.
  2. Open to students between 9 to16 years old
  3. No limit on number of participation from schools
1.2 Selection of Students and Schools:
  1. Students will be selected based on the best picture diary.
  2. All diaries must be hand-drawn and diary written by students. Preferably no cut and paste of photos on the diary.
  3. Successful students and schools will be notified by email or letter.
  4. Successful students and schools will be invited to attend the Eco Picture Diary National Contest
2.   Register
2.1 To participate, register your school online at by stating name of school, address, contact no. tel fax, teacher-in-charge, name of School Principal






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