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Eco Learning at Schools
Eco Learning at Schools

Five Teaching Modules for the Program

The Panasonic Global Eco Learning Program consists of 5 teaching modules that are based on experiential learning to showcase real-life environmental applications and initiatives in the industry. It also allows students to explore a diverse range of eco ideas and learning that may compliment their understanding on science subject.

The 1st module “Global Warming” module allows students to understand the mechanisms of climate change and its impact on mother earth

The 2nd module “Biodiversity” teaches about the mechanisms that interconnect all living things.

The 3rd module “Eco Technology” introduces environmental technologies focusing on lifestyles with virtually zero CO2 emissions.

The 4th Module “Manufacturing and Eco Initiatives” looks at the roles and efforts of people in making environmentally-friendly products with a focus on innovation.

The 5th Module “Eco Living” is intended to allow students to consider what they can do in their own lives to help prevent global warming.

Through these modules, we hope students will gain first-hand knowledge of environmental issues, such as pollution control, and energy conservation measures adopted by industries, with coaching from Panasonic staff.

Panasonic Econation Center Visit

At Panasonic Econation Center students will be introduced to the concept house on various aspects of the 4 pillars of energy from create, store, save and manage.

Eco Picture Diary

For Eco Picture Diary, every student can take part and create their own eco diary. Students are required to write a 5-day diary with hand-writing drawing/pictures/photographs about something on Eco/Environment.

Eco Project

Upon completion of the learning modules, students are required to present their idea on an eco project. This eco project is in a form of eco work of art or science innovation using recycle items and materials that are environmental friendly; using 3R concept such as eco painting using biodegradable materials, sculpture, collage art or any creative science invention.

To take part in the eco project, students are required to form a team of 3 students and 1 teacher as facilitator. Schools can form as many team. To participate teams are required to submit their project proposal. Seed funds will be given to selected project proposals.

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